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Becoming a Casino Dealer

For people who watch gambling on TV, being a casino dealer seems like a very easy job. After all, you just shuffle cards, hand them out to the players and sit back, right? Not quite; in fact, there is more to it than what most folks think.

If you want to be a casino dealer, you will have to master several skills. Today there are numerous institutions that aim to produce the best dealers and croupiers possible, and the fact that there are even schools dedicated to this function should give you an idea of how difficult it can be to become a full fledge dealer. Different training schools will have diverse teaching methods, but the following are some of the skills you will have to learn.

The first is to stack and organize the chips quickly. A bona fide casino dealer can arrange 11 stacks consisting of 20 chips in under a minute, after which it is divided into stacks of four or five. You have to know the exact value of the gambling chips depending on their color. You can’t stop and count each piece; you must know by feel alone, what they’re worth to keep the action flowing smoothly on the table.

The other important aspect of casino dealer training is shuffling the cards. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. While learning the process of shuffling can be straightforward, it can happen that a dealer will flip a card by mistake. That is a big no-no, especially in Poker where players like to keep the value of their hands hidden from their opponents.

You will also have to keep your cool. It isn’t unusual for struggling players to take their ire out on the dealer, either by claiming the shuffle isn’t that thorough, or that you take too long to turn up the river card. In any event, a casino dealer should always just remain focused on the job at hand.

You should also know the rules of he game; casino dealers are there to help the player. If you are dealing at the Blackjack table, and someone asks you what an insurance bet is, you must answer promptly and clearly. Finally, be nice, courteous, and attentive, not just to the game, but to the players too.

Dealing in a casino is not as simple as it seems, but it can be a rewarding job. You get to sit down with some of the biggest names in gambling and casinos, and you can witness the action first hand. For some, getting the opportunity to experience those things would be worth all the training and hard work.

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