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Pacman Jones Latest Athlete To Pay Back Las Vegas Casino Debt

Pacman Jones Latest Athlete To Pay Back Las Vegas Casino Debt

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Charles Barkley may have been the poster child for Las Vegas casinos who are looking to get their money back from star athletes. The casinos typically give the athletes credit, and then are paid back in a timely manner.

Barkley did not pay back the credit in a timely manner, so the threat of legal action was brought on Barkley. He has since repaid the $400,000 he owed the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Now, another high profile athlete is in a similar situation as Barkley. Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was suspended by the league for all of last season for his run ins with the law, owes Caesar’s Palace money.

His agent claims that a $20,000 check has already been sent to Caesar’s to take care of the debt. He is now hoping that the charges against his client go away.

“It’s a non story. I think if this hadn’t happened recently with some famous ex-athletes, I don’t think this would’ve even popped up over $20,000,” said Manny Arora, Jones’ agent.

The truth is, however, that this story could be a problem for Jones with the NFL. The league has been slow to reinstate Jones from his suspension. If they look into this matter and get unsatisfactory results, they might hold the suspension for a longer period of time.

The NFL has said they are looking into the matter and will comment when they have all the facts.

Gambling Operation In Coral Springs, Florida Busted By Police

Sports gambling is a big time business in the United States. With legal places such as Las Vegas available for people to place bets, there still is illegal gambling going on all around the country.

One such operation was broken up by police on Thursday. Coral Springs, Florida was the location where the operation was being run. It stretched as far as Tampa, according to authorities.

Norman Weissman was the leader of the illegal gambling ring. He faces charges of money laundering, bookmaking, and racketeering. Bernard Sherman was also arrested on the same charges. Sherman was said to be Weissman’s right hand man.

The operation was run out of Runyon’s restaurant in Coral springs. That was where the organization’s members would meet to discuss business. Police claim the owner and employees of Runyon’s did not know the operation was taking place in the restaurant.

“Sports betting is still a big business for traditional organized crime. We have a lot of legal gambling in Broward County but we also have a lot of illegal gambling that’s going on that we’re not going to tolerate,” said Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Twelve people in all were arrested in the operation in which policemen went undercover to infiltrate the crime ring. Other arrests are still expected in the case.

Online Gambling UIGEA Repeal Process Will Begin Within A Month

Online Gambling UIGEA Repeal Process Will Begin Within A Month

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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has placed a strain on relations between the US and other European Union members. That was never more clear than on Thursday when it was discovered that the EU has the US on a short leash.

They have extended a lifeline to the US to fix the problems that have been created by the UIGEA. Representative Barney Frank has plans of moving quickly to remedy the situation.

“The Bill introduction should happen within the next month. Mr. Frank will bring back legislation to repeal the UIGEA,” said a spokesman for the House Financial Committee Chairman.

This will not be the first time that Frank has tried such legislation. His past attempts have been blocked by members of Congress that fear the US is losing billions from their economy to overseas online gambling sites.

That may be true, but Frank is realizing that this is no longer a matter of what the US government wants to do. The World Trade Organization may be asked to step in and if that happens it could further strain US relations with other countries.

President Obama has said that he wants to regain other countries’ trust in the US and repealing the UIGEA would certainly go a long way in renewing that trust. Obama has also said in the past that he wants to keep the Internet free, so repealing the UIGEA would work two fold for his administration.

With a majority in both the House and the Senate, this time around it may be easier for Frank to have his voice heard. In introducing the Bill he will again speak to the dangers the UIGEA provides not only overseas, but also for financial institutions within the US.

Online Gambling TV Ads to be Investigated by ASA

Online Gambling TV Ads to be Investigated by ASA

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Guidelines were put in place in England regarding gambling companies advertising their business on television, now the fine print of those guidelines are being tested after several complaints have come in over a Ladbrokes ad, which Casino Gambling Web reported as being the first ever of its kind to be aired in England.

The ad features ex-footballers who are playing the roles of builders, who are on their break in a cafe, when one of the guys is told to ‘put his money where his mouth is’.

Opponents of the commercial say that the ad could influence young people to gamble and that it also encourages bravado. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will look into the allegations, but analysts have been warned not to jump to conclusions about the ad because it is standard procedure for the ASA to investigate all complaints.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes had this to say, “Given that it’s the first time gambling companies have been able to advertise, we’re not entirely surprised there have been complaints. But we don’t think we have transgressed and we will vigorously defend our case.”

This is the second time the Ladbrokes ad has come under fire. ITV was pressured to pull the ad after it aired in the middle of the day during the Rugby World Cup, but it was determined that the ad was legal even with the time it aired because the 9:00 PM rule is not in effect during live sporting events.

“As with any industry that is in its infancy, standards will be tested, complaints will be raised, and precedence will be set before it runs smoothly,” said Gordon Price, Casino Gambling Web’s gaming expert. “This Ladbrokes ad situation is just one that is seen as a bump in the road on the way to quality regulation.”

Online Gambling Site vs. NFL, Religious Groups, Sports Leagues

Online Gambling Site vs. NFL, Religious Groups, Sports Leagues

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We at Casino Gambling Web (CGW) believe that the record should be corrected regarding our position on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and the accusations levied by Chad Hills and Focus on the Family, followed up by the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA.

Several months ago CGW started to receive email from Americans regarding the unjust passage of the UIGEA and how it was affecting their lives. We reported on what we saw as an unscrupulous, underhanded attempt by Republican Senator, Bill Frist to appease his religious base by sneaking in this bill at a late hour of the last day of Congress in 2006, without the ability of debate, and attached to a must past homeland port security bill.

Our interest in this subject was peaked by the sheer volume of email we received from American Citizens who felt their freedoms were eroding and were seeking a remedy.

As a response, we initiated a petition online and directed those affected to go sign it and leave their personal comments, which we would then forward to Congress.

After announcing that we were going to Washington D.C. in July, we were attacked by a right wing religious group going by the name of Focus on the Family Action. They attacked us through their site and through a press release that is full of inaccuracies and lies.

In this letter we have been accused many things. One thing we were accused of was having the backing of billion dollar foreign casino operations. Let the record show, however, that we are a publishing company, and have no stock or ownership in any casino operation, be it foreign or domestic.

Secondly, ‘the loudest and most desperate voices’ accusations in the letter are not fully vetted properly. The countries mentioned in their article as the most desperate voices have legitimate, legal rights to pursue remedies through the World Trade Organization, due to the United States reneging on its earlier commitments to allow such trade by banning it via the UIGEA.

The tiny island nation of Antigua, who Focus on the Family disregards as irrelevant, has won its case in the WTO, along with the appeals brought by the U.S., because the U.S. does allow Internet wagering on Horse-racing, as well as interstate gambling on lotteries, with exceptions for fantasy leagues, and Tribal Indian Lands specified in the UIGEA.

Thirdly, the FoFA letter states that foreign ‘voices’ are going to Washington D.C. to ‘enlighten’ U.S. Congressmen, however, they are not foreign voices at all. Each of the Casino Gambling Web representatives headed to D.C., like most of the employees here, are American born citizens. They are dedicated to America and feel it is their freedom that is being breached.

The documents to be delivered to U.S. Congressmen by CGW representatives are not �misrepresentation of facts�, as stated in the NFL, MLB, NFL and NBA’s letter to Congress, but rather, facts, and opinions from experts based on experience, that are both for and against the legalization and regulation of Internet gambling.

The documents to be presented to the congressmen meant to enlighten them on the issues surrounding online gambling are the testimony from professionals involved in the software security fields, as well as testimony from foreign governments that regulate and license such activity. In our packet we will be delivering in September we are even including the Focus on the Family letter that they sent to Congress in response to our lobbying (which was postponed without their knowledge).

As a player advocate and a news publication, we actually agree with Focus on the Family and the major sports leagues in many of their concerns with Internet gambling. They want to protect problem gamblers, they want to protect underage gamblers, they want to protect against money laundering and other issues, and we want the same results, however we believe regulation is a better method than a complete banning.

Being that our expertise lies in the gambling field, we believe that with our knowledge of the industry our opinion should be of greater value on the subject than Focus on the Family. We believe that if any lobbying group is misrepresenting opinion as fact, it is Focus on the Family and the major sports leagues who have joined them doing so, not Casino Gambling Web.

We believe in freedom at Casino Gambling Web and do not believe the 25 million Americans who gamble online every year should be disallowed to gamble online to protect the 0.04% of them who develop problems. (This statistic comes from a very recent Harvard University study of over 40,000 online gamblers.)

Mainly, we believe that when congress is educated on all the facts, and then makes decisions based on those facts, the UIGEA will be repealed and some sort of regulation will be instituted and it will include safeguards to protect against all the concerns Focus on the Family and the major sports leagues connected to them have.

As for the allegations that this law was passed for ‘Homeland Security’, that is a 100% stereotype. To date there has been no link to any terrorist activity or money laundering by offshore or foreign casinos, ever.

There is much speculation that American based land casinos are ready to incorporate Internet casinos into their portfolios as soon as the U.S. will allow them to do so. This is not something that has just come up. U.S. based casinos, as well as Yahoo, AOL, and Playboy, were, or are currently, actively involved with Internet gambling, just not here in the U.S.

The foreign based casinos that did operate and service U.S. customers pre-UIGEA were regulated by the industry and had a successful record of keeping out problem gamblers and minors. With the passing of the UIGEA that has changed. Respected leaders in the industry left the U.S. market, leaving behind many disreputable sites and the industry was thus opened to those it had hoped to protect.

Major sports leagues have come out against a repeal, and against Congressman Barney Frank’s proposal to regulate, license and tax Internet gambling. Their reasons are that it may ruin the integrity of the game. This is nothing but pure pandering by the right wing elitists that continue to not see the forest for the trees.

Gambling has made Football the sport of choice for many millions of Americans. There is proof in America that if there was no betting on sports, sports would generate less fans and viewers than the newly cancelled attempt at comedy by Fox. The NFL allows fantasy sports to be played on their site(without charge). If they can not see that the many millions of Americans that partake in betting on these fantasy sports leagues, they are wearing some very stunning blinders.

We have written to Chad Hills at FOFA many times to debate his version of the facts to our proven facts. We have not heard from him, only from a couple of workers sending out stock replies and ending those with ‘We will have to agree to disagree on this issue’.

FOFA has recently enlisted the major sports concerns in their congressional letter writing drive to keep the UIGEA and strengthen it. The FOFA is a strong lobbying group of right-wing religious conservatives that publishes and preaches lies to support is stance on issues. If anyone should be outraged, it should be us, and their followers, when they realize they have been taken for a ride.

Nationwide there is expansion of gambling in almost every state. For those that oppose gambling on moral grounds, that is fine and you should continue believing this way, however, it is not your place to insist that the many millions of Americans that have no moral compunction against gambling be made to be criminals on such a personal issue.

It is our recommendation that those being led by these so-called righteous groups get the facts for themselves by doing a little research and then decide on your own how you feel. And our message to the mainstream media outlets who simply publish what they hear from the NFL and religious groups, try getting your information for the experts, not the spectators.

Online Gambling Site Golden Palace Pleads Guilty to Charges in Canada

Online Gambling Site Golden Palace Pleads Guilty to Charges in Canada

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Golden Palace, the online casino that grew their fame by utilizing odd advertising schemes, pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of illegal online gambling in Quebec, Canada.

According to a French language news radio station the infamous online casino, owned by Cyber Group World, has pleaded guilty to two charges of illegal gambling and now must pay a fine of $2 million.

Cyber Group World, along with many other companies who run online casinos – that amount for over 60% of the Internet’s gambling traffic – are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is run from native Indian Mohawk land in Canada.

The Mohawk representatives claim they are able to issue licenses to online casinos because they are protected by the Canadian Constitution, which states in section 35 that native Indian rights are protected.

Joe Delaronde, a Mohawk representative, told CBC News that they have issued over 400 licenses and are well respected around the world for providing fair and properly regulated licensing systems.

The charges against Golden Palace, who have their offices outside of Mohawk territory in Canada, came about because Canada says only licenses issued by the provincial government are recognized by the country.

The case is similar to the American online gambling laws in that the answer to this dilemma is undefined and has never been ruled on in a court of law.

Police Storm Twenty Genesee County, Michigan Bars in Gambling Raid

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Over eight months of investigation culminated on Monday when federal, state, and local police officers raided twenty bars in Genesee County, Michigan.

The raid started Monday morning at 9:00 A.M. at Cloud Nine Bar, and then proceeded over the course of the next few hours at other bars in the county.

A staggering $8 million was said to have been involved in the investigation, a figure that came straight from Michigan State Police Inspector Ellis Stafford.

“We estimate that $8 million was lost to the state or otherwise hidden through this illegal gambling”, he said.

State liquor control officials notified police of the illegal gambling back in March, and the investigation started shortly after.

Convictions of illegal gambling can come with up to ten years in prison.

In addition to the bars, police were also at Hatch Enterprises, owned by Craig Hatch. Hatch owns a local chain of bars in Michigan.

Online Gambling Site Owner Arrested in Louisiana

Online Gambling Site Owner Arrested in Louisiana

Play at Golden Casino owner, Nick Jenkins, was ultimately arrested on Wednesday in Louisiana for running a supposed illegal online gambling website that allowed bets to occur between members of the site, after pleading with the governor for over a month to not allow the extradition. never accepted a bet from any customer, but it did allow members to bet each other and when a Louisiana state trooper successfully made a bet on the site Nick Jenkins was issued a warrant for his arrest.

The site was run out of Seattle, Washington where online betting is a Class C felony. Washington officials shut down Jenkins’ site within weeks of it opening to the public. Jenkins was pleading with the governor of his state to not allow an extradition to Louisiana, but on Wednesday he was denied.

Jenkins, and two others who worked for, voluntarily flew to Louisiana and turned themselves in to the police. Josie M. Imlay and Peter M. Abrahamsen were the other two arrested along with Jenkins.

If convicted, the three men could face up to five years in prison and fines of up to $20,000 each, State Police said. made 70 cents off the bet the Louisiana state trooper made that ultimately got the men arrested.

Gambling Machine Payouts In Ohio In Danger After House Vote

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Gambling expansion is heavily supported in the House of Representatives in Ohio, which is majority Republican, but the way to expand the gambling is apparently an issue with these politicians.

The House voted for a bill on Wednesday that would make it illegal for cash prizes to be handed out from gaming machines.

The Senate is the next stop for the bill, which, if approved, and signed by the Governor, Ted Strickland, would become effective immediately.

The decision to immediately inact the law, with an emergency clause, is so it would not allow for time for any formal opposition such as petitions.

Anyone looking to get around the law by giving out non cash prizes is in for a shock also, as the bill would limit the amount of non cash prizes to be $10 or less, essentially taking any worthwhile prizes out of play.

According to David Corey, executive vice president of the Ohio Coin Machine Association, the politicians were not clear about the bill, as he claims he was deceived. “Everything we were told that they were going to allow for cash prizes for tournament play wasn’t done. Basically, we were lied to.”

Speaker of the House Jon Husted has said that the exception was just an option to be considered and after considering it, the House decided that they wanted to leave no options open to wiggle around the new law.

Anybody caught in violation of the bill could face a $1,000 fine and up to six month in jail for a first time offender, and up to a year in jail for a second offense.

Online Gambling Sanctions May Be Unenforceable

Online Gambling Sanctions May Be Unenforceable

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The WTO has ruled in the favor of the small nation of Antigua & Barbuda. The ruling allows for Antigua to get back $21 million per year in sanctions in the online gambling case. The WTO ruled that the way to recoup that money is through the suspension of intellectual copyrights.

That is where the trouble could occur for Antigua. While the WTO has claimed that method of recouping their money as acceptable, there are other treaties that might block that from ever happening.

The TRIPS Agreement, which is the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Rights, via the WTO, would allow for this form of action for repayment to Antigua.

There is, however, something in the way of moving forward with that plan. The United States and Antigua and Barbuda are both a part of the Bern Convention.

“The TRIPS Agreement says that the contracting parties shall comply with the Bern Convention, with one exception, but the bulk of the economic protection under the Bern Convention is referred to in the TRIPS Agreement,” Jorgen Blomqvist, an international expert on intellectual property, told the Antigua Sun.

The Bern Convention appears to be in the way of the nation claiming back money from the U.S. The WTO has been behind Antigua the whole time. They have repeatedly won battle after battle in the WTO. Although they were victorious, it now appears they will have an uphill battle to receive any of their money.

“The fact that under one treaty you can make such sanctions does not relieve a country from responsibilities under other treaties,” said Blomqvist.

While it might be hard for Antigua to enforce what the WTO has done, it also does not relieve the U.S. of the responsibility to pay.