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Pacman Jones Latest Athlete To Pay Back Las Vegas Casino Debt

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Charles Barkley may have been the poster child for Las Vegas casinos who are looking to get their money back from star athletes. The casinos typically give the athletes credit, and then are paid back in a timely manner.

Barkley did not pay back the credit in a timely manner, so the threat of legal action was brought on Barkley. He has since repaid the $400,000 he owed the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Now, another high profile athlete is in a similar situation as Barkley. Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was suspended by the league for all of last season for his run ins with the law, owes Caesar’s Palace money.

His agent claims that a $20,000 check has already been sent to Caesar’s to take care of the debt. He is now hoping that the charges against his client go away.

“It’s a non story. I think if this hadn’t happened recently with some famous ex-athletes, I don’t think this would’ve even popped up over $20,000,” said Manny Arora, Jones’ agent.

The truth is, however, that this story could be a problem for Jones with the NFL. The league has been slow to reinstate Jones from his suspension. If they look into this matter and get unsatisfactory results, they might hold the suspension for a longer period of time.

The NFL has said they are looking into the matter and will comment when they have all the facts.

Gambling Operation In Coral Springs, Florida Busted By Police

Sports gambling is a big time business in the United States. With legal places such as Las Vegas available for people to place bets, there still is illegal gambling going on all around the country.

One such operation was broken up by police on Thursday. Coral Springs, Florida was the location where the operation was being run. It stretched as far as Tampa, according to authorities.

Norman Weissman was the leader of the illegal gambling ring. He faces charges of money laundering, bookmaking, and racketeering. Bernard Sherman was also arrested on the same charges. Sherman was said to be Weissman’s right hand man.

The operation was run out of Runyon’s restaurant in Coral springs. That was where the organization’s members would meet to discuss business. Police claim the owner and employees of Runyon’s did not know the operation was taking place in the restaurant.

“Sports betting is still a big business for traditional organized crime. We have a lot of legal gambling in Broward County but we also have a lot of illegal gambling that’s going on that we’re not going to tolerate,” said Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Twelve people in all were arrested in the operation in which policemen went undercover to infiltrate the crime ring. Other arrests are still expected in the case.

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